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(2/2) Leading Cement Companies in Pakistan

In light of the boom being witnessed in the construction industry, the demand for construction material has naturally increased as well. In this regard, among the plethora of construction material used in Pakistan, cement has consistently held an integral position, and its manufacturers and producers have reported significant growth in recent years, thereby making its production a lucrative and rewarding business. Accordingly, so as to familiarise the populace with the available options, the leading companies that produce and supply cement in Pakistan are diarised and documented in this second of two articles.

Fauji Cement Company Limited

Founded in 1992 in Rawalpindi, Fauji Cement has become a certifiable name in the cement industry in Pakistan. It boasts of a profound reputation as an excellent manufacturer of cement, and is often instinctively trusted by both consumers and professionals alike. For this reason, Fauji Cement has played a pivotal role in the economic and infrastructural development of Pakistan by supplying high-quality and reasonably-priced products. These include Low Alkali Cement, Low Heat Cement, Mohafiz Cement, and Pamir Green Cement, alongside the standard Ordinary Portland Cement and Sulphate Resistant Cement. Its factory, located in Attock District, comprising two plants at present, both of which were imported from the European Union, delivers a daily production capacity of 11,000 Tons and an annual production capacity of 3.5 Million Tons.

Fecto Cement Limited

Fecto Cement Limited kickstarted its operations in 1990 with a plant in Sangjani, near Islamabad. From the very onset, to ensure the production and supply of high quality products, Fecto Cement attained the ISO 9001 Certification. Moreover, in furtherance of its commitment to environmental protection, Fecto Cement became the first-of-its-kind anti-pollution cement manufacturing plant across South Asia. With an appraised annual production capacity of 780,000 Tons, Fecto Cement ensures care and precision in its manufacturing process for the production of both Clinker and Ordinary Portland Cement.

Gharibwal Cement Limited

Since its establishment in 1960, on account of being selected for Mangla Dam, Qadirabad Barrage, and Rasul Barrage, Gharibwal Cement Limited has been recognised for the reliability, strength and toughness of its products. With its Ordinary Portland Cement exhibiting a strength of up to 10,000 PSI for 28 Days, Gharibwal Cement's products adhere to national and international quality standards. Using machinery, plants, raw materials and tools imported from Europe, it has been able to boast of using cutting-edge manufacturing technology capable of a daily production capacity of 6,700 Tons. Gharibwal Cement has also entered into a contract with China's CITIC Group Corporation Limited for the installation of an additional production line, along with a Waste Heat Recovery Plant. This shall increase its daily production capacity to over 14,700 Tons.

Lucky Cement Limited

Founded in 1993 in Karachi, Lucky Cement Limited is known for manufacturing excellent quality cement, and possesses an annual production capacity of 7.75 Million Tons. Equipped with the ISO 9001: 2008 Certification for Quality Management Systems and the ISO 14001: 2004 Certification for Environmental Management Systems, Lucky Cement maintains the highest possible standards vis-a-vis quality control and risk mitigation so as to safeguard its market share of 18%. Given the magnitude of its operations, the company is listed in all the stock exchanges of Pakistan, and holds the honour of being the first cement manufacturer to export bulk quantities of loose cement. Its product range includes the most commonly-used variants of cement, i.e. Ordinary Portland Cement and Sulphate Resistant Cement, as well as Block Cement, Clinker and Composite Cement. Given its export-oriented business philosophy, its products comply with the quality requirements and specifications set by India, Kenya, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and the United Kingdom, in addition to those for Pakistan.

Maple Leaf Cement Factory Limited

Maple Leaf Cement is the third largest cement manufacturing company in Pakistan. It was established in 1956 through a coalition between the Industrial Corporation of West Pakistan and the Government of Canada. Its two production segments, one for dark cement, and one for white cement, are located in Daudkhel of Mianwali District. This region naturally blessed with bountiful raw materials and resources that are needed for large-scale production of cement. Coupled further with high-end and latest technology across its production lines, on a daily basis, Maple Leaf is capable of producing 20,000 Tons of dark cement, and 14,000 Tons of white cement. Its extensive list of products, that include Low Alkali Cement, Ordinary Portland Cement, Sulphate Resistant Cement, Wall Coat Cement, and White Cement, dominates both domestic and foreign markets.

Pioneer Cement Limited

Pioneer Cement Limited's plant is located at Chenki, approximately 34 KM from Jauharabad, 40 KM from Khushab, and 250 KM from Lahore in Punjab Province. With an accessible and convenient location in Central Punjab, Pioneer Cement is able to easily and quickly approach demand-centres and markets, though buyers are able to conveniently procure its products across all of Pakistan. With a firm commitment to delivering the best quality cement, in compliance with global guidelines and standards, such as the ISO 9001: 2015 Certification for Quality Management Systems, Pioneer Cement enforces rigid quality control checks at all stages of production. Accordingly, a team of highly-qualified and rigorously-trained professionals is employed for the production of all its products that include Ordinary Portland Cement and Sulphate Resistant Cement.

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