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(1/2) Leading Steel Companies in Pakistan

Given the inalienable role played by steel in construction, its uninterrupted supply is an essential ingredient for economic and infrastructural development. Accordingly, the Government of Pakistan's commitment to achieve higher economic growth is evidenced by its encouragement of construction-related economic activities. For this, production and supply of steel, particularly of deformed steel bars, at competitive rates, by local steel mills is of prime importance. Correspondingly, for better familiarity therewith, this first of two articles seeks to catalogue all the significant companies in the steel industry of Pakistan.

AF Steel Re-Rolling Mills

AF Steel Re-Rolling Mills is recognised as a leading producer of steel products in Pakistan. Having served the nation for over three decades already, AF Steel manufactures and supplies among the best Grade 60 Deformed Steel Bars. Its remarkable quality and unfaltering consistency are evidenced by the seal of approval granted to it by private and public sector institutions alike. The affordable range of products by AF Steel includes Deformed Bars, Welded Mesh, and Wire Rods.

AFCO Steel Industries

Having launched its operations following the independence of Pakistan in 1947, AFCO Steel Industries is regarded amongst the oldest and most reliable names in the local steel industry. With an unparalleled reputation, owing to the superior quality of its steel products and the utmost transparency of its operations, AFCO Steel has sought to acquire and use the most cutting-edge and latest technology vis-a-vis re-rolling units in the world. It accordingly possesses the ability to manufacture rigorously tested and state-of-the-art Grade 40 and Grade 60 Deformed Steel Bars. For this, AFCO Steel imports the highest quality raw materials into Pakistan, and simultaneously ensures that all of its products undergo quality control checks using Germany's Spectromax Chemical Testing Equipment, and the United Kingdom's Avery Mechanical Testing Machines, both of which are installed at AFCO Steel's Testing Laboratory. Its current growth trajectory is likely to bring it close to, if not at the top of, the leading steel manufacturers in Pakistan. It remains, even at present, both the brand and manufacturer of choice for architects, contractors, developers, industrial-scale residential projects, multiple storey buildings, and public-sector schemes.

Amreli Steels Limited

Amreli Steels Limited is one of the highest selling brands of deformed steels bars in Pakistan. Its manufacturing facility, compliant with the ISO 9001 Certification for Quality Management System, is designed to conform to the rigorous quality control policies and practices enforced by its management. In this regard, the professional and trained staff at its Testing Laboratories is equipped with Electro-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machines with a capacity of 1,000 KN and 2,000 KN, to subject manufactured products to a multitude of quality control checks. These include Bending Tests, Metallographic Evolution Determinations, and Heat Production Tests, among many others. This allows for unparalleled consistency in the quality of its products, and the maintenance of a perfect record vis-a-vis satisfaction of its customers. The extensive products' range manufactured by Amreli includes Amreli Billets, Amreli Steels Maxima, Amreli Steel Ultima, and Amreli Steels Xtreme.

Frontier Foundry Steel Private Limited

With its outstanding production capacity and speed, Frontier Foundry Steel Private Limited, commonly known as FF Steel, is undoubtedly one of the fastest re-rolling mills currently operating in Pakistan. Powered with the ISO 9001: 2008 Certification for Quality Management Systems, the ISO 14001: 2004 Certification for Environmental Management Systems, and the ISO 18001: 2007 Certification for Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series, FF Steel currently boasts of a daily production capacity of 1,100 Tons. Its reputation and record of excellence is primarily on account of the extensive quality control mechanisms it has established, both for the raw materials it uses and for the products it manufactures. These quality control mechanisms, enforced by in-house laboratories, have also played an instrumental role in building the company's image as a frontrunner in the steel industry of Pakistan, especially vis-a-vis the consistent production of Grade 60 Deformed Steel Bars.

Ittefaq Iron Industries Limited

Ittefaq Iron Industries Limited is a name oft deemed synonymous with excellence and innovation. As a leading name in steel re-rolling, its products are thoroughly compliant with international standards such as American Society for Testing & Materials and Deutsches Institut für Normung. The two production units located on Raiwind Road in Kasur District are powered by a dedicated in-house grid to ensure continuous supply of electricity and power. As a major stakeholder in the steel industry, Ittefaq Iron Industries devotes extensive resources to capture a larger share of the market, so as to subsequently increase its contribution to the GDP of Pakistan. Its current AOD (Argon Oxygen Decarburisation) results in a per heat capacity of 22 Tons for the production of Low Carbon Alloy Steels and Stainless Steel, whereas Ittefaq Iron's competitively-priced portfolio includes Angles, Billets, Channels, Deformed Steel Bars, Girders, I-Beams, and Titleist Irons.

Ittehad Steel Industries

Ittehad Steel Industries has actively produced Grade 40 and Grade 60 Deformed Steel Bars that are considered an industry benchmark vis-a-vis robustness and strength. The methodically-devised quality control systems at both units, i.e. in Faisalabad and in Islamabad, ensure the production of high-quality products. With a annual production capacity of around 500,000 Million Metric Tons, consistently compliant with international standards, Ittehad's products have been used in iconic projects such as, but not limited to, Centaurus, Diamer Bhasha Dam, Islamabad High Court, and the US Embassy Compound.

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