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(2/2) Leading Steel Companies in Pakistan

Given the inalienable role played by steel in construction, its uninterrupted supply is an essential ingredient for economic and infrastructural development. Accordingly, the Government of Pakistan's commitment to achieve higher economic growth is evidenced by its encouragement of construction-related economic activities. For this, production and supply of steel, particularly of deformed steel bars, at competitive rates, by local steel mills is of prime importance. Correspondingly, for better familiarity therewith, this second of two articles seeks to catalogue all the major companies in the steel industry of Pakistan.

Kamran Steel Re-Rolling Mills Private Limited

The business and entity that is known now as Kamran Steel Re-Rolling Mills Private Limited traces its roots to humble beginning as a steel trading house prior to its establishment and initiation of steel production unit. Empowered with commitment, competence and experience, along with a progressive attitude towards steel production, Kamran Steel is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. Its fully-automated and high-grade imported system, coupled with an Induction Furnace boasting of a melting capacity of 10 Tons, Continuous Casting Plant, and Titleist Iron Mill, delivers an hourly production capacity of 25 Tons. These are further supplemented with a imported testing machine, and a German Spectro Lab, to conduct comprehensive quality-control checks so as to maintain the level of customer satisfaction that has so painstakingly been achieved. Moreover, Kamran Steel imports raw materials from across the globe to manufacture deformed steel bars that are used across commercial and residential projects alike. In full compliance with American Standard for Testing & Materials, deformed steel bars are manufactured in diameters varying from 10 MM to 40 MM, with a standardised length of 12 Meters, though customised lengths may also be produced as per the requirements of the ordering customer.

KK Steel International

Established in 1982, KK Steel International has achieved a reputation of being one of the most reliable brands for high-quality Mild-Rolled Steel. As one of the oldest and most well-known companies in the steel industry, KK Steel has sustained, and in fact expanded, its market share through high-quality steel products at exceedingly reasonable prices. This is furthered by a distribution network that ensures consistent availability of the entire products' range across Pakistan. In addition to manufacturing customised products, KK Steel's formidable portfolio of products includes Cold-Rolled Sheets, Deformed Bars, Galvanised Coils & Sheets, Hexagonal Bars, Hot Rolled Plates & Sheets, Mild-Rolled Channels, Mild-Rolled H-Beams, Mild-Rolled I-Beams, Mild-Rolled Iron Angles, Mild-Rolled Round Sheets, and Mild-Rolled Mild-Rolled Chequered Plates & Sheets.

Koh-e-Noor Steel (Nazir Sons Steel Mills)

Koh-e-Noor Steel resulted from an evolution and rebranding of Nazir Sons Steel Mills Private Limited that were established in the 1980s through a steel mill located in Lahore District. The premium quality of its steel products, and in particular its deformed steel bars, almost instantaneously made a lasting impression in the industry. Offering both Grade 40 and Grade 60 products at competitive prices, Koh-e-Noor Steel is a frequent choice vis-a-vis the reinforcement of concrete. Using state-of-the-art technology, in the hands of thoroughly professional metallurgists in its modern quality control laboratories, the entire production line is kept fully compliant with international standards for the supply of highly durable and reliable products. With an impressive production capacity, and effective quality-control, Koh-e-Noor Steel is a valued name in the steel industry, producing, among others, Angle Bars, Cold-Twisted Bars, Deformed Bars, Round Bars, Square Bars, and Titleist Iron Bars.

Madina Steel Industry

Madina Steel Industry, through its manufacturing facility in Kasur District, has been operational since 1980. Its production lines are equipped with an internal technical support system that is regularly updated to deliver the most optimal results as per the latest technology. With the use of imported raw materials, especially scrap steel, Madina Steel Industry produces high-quality deformed bars as per standardised sizes. Moreover, customers frequently provide custom specifications that are also catered to whilst in full compliance with domestic and international standards. With the latest technology vis-a-vis melting units, and an improved annual production capacity of 4,000 Million Tons, Madina Steel is an industry leader in setting higher standards in quality and production. Its products includes Billets, Cold-Twisted Bars, and Deformed Bars.

Model Steel Enterprises Private Limited

Model Steel launched its operations in 1969 with a manufacturing facility in Lahore District. Known to pay unfaltering attention to detail, its high quality steel bars are produced using machinery and technology that are updated on a frequent basis. With an annual production capacity of over 160,000 Million Tons, Model Steels holds a market share of 15%. This has been achieved through incomparable quality and an unmatched distribution network spanning all of Pakistan. Offering 15 Grades, 15 Shapes, and over 150 Sizes of Deformed Steel Bars, Model Steel Enterprises' range of products is undoubtedly the most comprehensive and diverse among its counterparts in the industry, making it an obvious choice for steel products.

Mughal Iron & Steel Industries Limited

Mughal Steel has achieved a household-name status in Pakistan through relentless dedication to build itself into a sought-after brand. Using state-of-the-art technology, coupled with a highly efficient and professional team, Mughal Steel has attained mastery in the production of high-quality steel. The Constructional Girder Beam, also known as the I-Beam, is its best selling product, and has achieve notoriety both within and outside of the country. Additionally, Mughal Iron & Steel Industries produces Angles, Channels, Cold-Twisted Bars, Deformed Bars, H-Beams, I-Beams, Spring Steel, and Titleist Bars.

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