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Types & Variants of Bricks & their Uses

The construction process involves constant decision-making on the hundreds, if not thousands, of types and variants of construction material that may be used. Although clay bricks are heavier on the pockets, compared to alternatives used in the country and elsewhere in the world, researches prove that the investment certainly pays off in the long-run. They help in controlling indoor temperatures thereby keeping utility bills low, can be easily maintained and modified as per aesthetic requirements, and provide long-term durability and strength to the entire structure. Accordingly, in almost every construction endeavour in Pakistan, perhaps the first decision needs to be taken is regarding baked clay bricks, and where its different variants should be used. For an individual who is likely investing his/her life's savings, and may even have obtained financing, it is imperative to distinguish between the four available variants so as to maximise durability and minimise cost.

The four basic variants in baked clay bricks, available and used in Pakistan are Awwal, Doam, Semi-Special and Special. They can all be purchased at the click of button on Maymaar.PK. These four variants are described and explained in detail below. All of the variants are of roughly the same shape and size, but with variation in the extent of baking, and the exactness and specificity of dimensions. It is therefore possible for an unfamiliar person to be unable to distinguish between the variants.

Awwal Bricks

Among all the variants of clay bricks, the most commonly used in construction is Awwal. It is considered the variant of choice for building up of walls, and is available in standard dimensions of 3″ x 4.5″ x 9″, though these can vary up to a few millimetre, i.e. a "sooter" more or less. Awwal is generally considered a solid and sturdy variant, while being considerably more affordable than semi-special and special bricks. Awwal Bricks are fully baked with high quality clay and coal, allowing them to boast of good absorption and be relied upon to provide strength to the structure they are being used in. Although Awwal Bricks can be further subcategorised into Awwal A, Awwal B, Awwal C, and so on, the distinction between the subcategories is minimal, as all subcategories of Awwal can be relied upon to provide the basic features and functionality characteristic of this variant. Awwal Bricks are available on Maymaar.PK at PKR 13/Brick, with a minimum order of 1,000 Bricks, and Free Delivery.

Doam Bricks

Doam are known as a secondary category of clay bricks, though this does not render them completely useless by any means. Doam are partially baked, so their ability to provide durability and strength to the structure is lesser, and they usually represent a slightly greater deviation from the standard dimensions of 3" x 4.5" x 9" when compared to Awwal. Given the variations in their dimensions, and their odd tones due to ground moulding, they are usually not selected for permanent structures, though they are a considerably more affordable option for those who are on a strict budget. Mostly, however, Doam are used in construction of semi-permanent or temporary structures, and in the fixing of reinforced bricks and cement concrete. Doam Bricks are available on Maymaar.PK at PKR 11/Brick, with a minimum order of 1,000 Bricks, and Free Delivery.

Semi Special Bricks

Semi Special Bricks are categorised as the highest quality clay bricks for veiled construction. The complete and thorough baking process they undergo, as well as considerably greater standardisation and uniformity in their dimensions, shape and size, ensures even greater durability and strength as compared to Awwal Bricks. In essence, Semi Special Bricks are ideal for those who are extremely finicky about the material being used, and want to ensure that absolutely no expense has been spared in achieving even more durability and strength than what may have been achieved with the use of Awwal Bricks. Semi-Special Bricks are available on Maymaar.PK at PKR 17/Bricks, with a minimum order of 1,000 Bricks, and Free Delivery.

Special Bricks

Special Bricks are the gold-standard in terms of baked clay bricks. They are an impeccable class as they have measurably-perfect dimensions of 3" x 4.5" x 9", a consistent and flawless shape, and completely baked to acquire the highest possible strength. Since Special Bricks are the most expensive variant, almost double the price of Awwal Bricks, their use is limited and selective. Based on their pristine colour and dimensions, not to mention the fact that they are made with the absolute best clay available, by highly skilled labour adept at blending and shaping them prior to the baking process, Special Bricks are customarily used in creating beautiful exteriors and shapes, that is wherever they can be displayed and left simply in plain sight. Special Bricks are available on Maymaar.PK at PKR 22/Brick, with a minimum order of 1,000 Bricks, and Free Delivery.