Maymaar shall offer a complete refund to any customer who has been delivered a damaged, defective and/or expired product, and/or where the requested product is incomplete, incorrect, out of stock and/or unavailable. The customer may immediately call on the designated helpline to cancel the entirety, or any part, of his or her order, prior to acceptance of its delivery, and return the order to the Delivery Rider prior to his or her departure. In the event of a customer having accepted a damaged, defected, expired and/or incomplete product, Maymaar shall not accept or process the request for cancellation and refund. It is for this purpose that a unique QR Code is embedded on each invoice, and both verbal and written requests are made to customers to thoroughly reconcile and verify the entire order prior to accepting delivery. The customer may simply scan the QR Code with his or her smartphone's camera, to access the original invoice, digitally generated at the time of the placement of the order, on Maymaar's Website.

Accordingly, in the event of a request for cancellation and refund, in accordance with the above, as per the stated preference of the customer, the associated amount shall either be immediately added/credited to the customer's Account/Wallet on Maymaar, or be refunded in full in the form of Crossed Cheque, in favour of the customer, and couriered to the customer's designated postal address in Pakistan, within 14 working days of the date of the request. The refund shall neither be issued in the form of cash, nor the cheque couriered to any address outside Pakistan.

Additionally, once the payment has been processed and the Delivery Rider has also been assigned/dispatched, any orders, or products therein, that are otherwise complete, correct, in stock, not defective, and undamaged shall not in any way be deemed eligible for cancellations or refunds. A request for the cancellation or refund for any such order shall not be entertained if/when it is based exclusively on preferential and unsubstantiated refusal by the customer to accept its delivery. In the case of Cash on Delivery, such a refusal may result in the corresponding amount being subsequently debited/deducted from the customer's Account/Wallet on Maymaar, and thereby being payable, as arrears, by the customer, in addition to and in conjunction with the invoice amount for any subsequent orders that are placed by him or her, and/or with use of his or her account, credentials and/or delivery locations on Maymaar.