Maymaar may request and retain confidential personal information in order to create user accounts and to accurately process orders placed by its customers. This information may be shared internally, and may be used to improve the content, functionality and layout of the website. In conjunction with other information, the personal information may also be used to improve advertising, marketing and service delivery stratagies. While a customer may choose to not share his or her confidential personal information, Maymaar may be rendered incapable of offering some or all of its services to such a customer due to a lack of requisite details and information to do so.

Furthermore, the information collected by Maymaar may also be shared with companies, entities and/or individuals who provide services including, but not limited to, assessment of customers' interests and satisfaction, collection of feedback, conduct of surveys, extension of credit, delivery and transportation of orders, and management and processing of information. However, each company, entity and/or individual with whom any such personal information is shared is duly and intrinsically obligated to ensure the integrity, protection and security of the same.

As per the specific tenets of the constitution, laws, and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Maymaar may disclose and/or share the confidential personal information it has collected from customers with government agencies, authorities, departments and/or ministries as when and if notified, requested and/or required by them.

Maymaar may additionally collect and retain information that is not associated with any particular individual, and all such non-personal information collected by Maymaar may be disclosed, transferred or used at its sole discretion.