The Delivery Charges for each order are calculated on the basis of i) the exact location where the delivery has been requested, and ii) the type of transportation(s) required to deliver each category of products. Notwithstanding any Free Delivery Promotions employed by Maymaar, the Delivery Charges shall remain applicable on all orders, and may be subject to change, at the sole discretion of Maymaar, from time to time. Additionally, in the event of any partial cancellation, return, and/or unavailability of products, the Delivery Charges shall remain applicable on the rest of the products, and the revised Shopping Cart shall still be required to fulfil the Minimum Order Requirement.

The customer shall not be liable and/or responsible for any damage or defects caused, either to the entire order, or any specific products therein, prior to his or her acceptance of delivery. Accordingly, the customer may immediately claim a refund, against damaged or defected products, as stated within the Cancellation of Orders & Refunds Policy.

Maymaar enforces a strict policy of compliance vis-a-vis hygienic standards, i.e. the wearing of hand gloves and masks, and the use of a hand sanitiser, by every Delivery Rider. Accordingly, any failure(s) in compliance with these standard protocols should immediately be reported, through any of the stipulated means of contact, for immediate, necessary and remedial action by Maymaar. Regardless, non-compliance with these or any other standard protocols shall not in any way authorise the cancellation and/or refund of an order or part thereof by the customer in question.